Travel Medicine

Highgate Hill Doctors is a travel medicine centre and a WHO approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. We stock all the necessary vaccinations to keep you safe while travelling and have great understanding of the health issues you may encounter in different regions. Jac, our nurse, will work with the doctors to administer these vaccinations.

We love to talk travel! Before you set off on your next holiday, speak to one of our experienced doctors to find out if there are any health risks you should be aware of. They can inform you if any vaccinations are necessary and when the best time to get them is, so you stay safe and well during your travels.

It is generally best to come in at least 3 weeks before you go! Bring any old yellow Travel Vaccination books you may have or try to remember the names of old practices you may have had travel shots at!

Call our clinic and speak to one of our friendly staff members to arrange a travel consultation.

Corporate Clients

We have many corporate clients and keep close tabs on their requirements for international travel and health.

Q Fever

We have many years of experience in Q Fever Vaccination and cover many of the local companies for this. We have done large onsite factory-wide immunisations as well.

Q Fever is safe as long as you are not ALREADY immune.

Your first Q Fever appointment visit is where we arrange blood tests and administer a tiny vaccination under the skin. You must come back exactly one week later to review the skin testing and give you the actual vaccination. We then arrange the paper work and subsequently, the Q Fever registry sends you out your certificate a few weeks later.

Influenza Vaccination

Well done! In Australia 2018 was a good year with high levels of vaccination and low rates of serious cases.

We offer cheap on site vaccination in flu season, which generally starts around May.

Vaccines kept in stock:

DTPa Hepatitis A Hepatitis B
Influenza Japanese Encephalitis Meningococcal
MMR Pertusis Polio
Rabies Tetanus Typhoid