Minor Procedures

The Practice itself at Highgate Hill Doctors has been physically set up to match the advanced procedural skills of the doctors. Our GP Skin Cancer Specialists have many years of rural and emergency medicine experience and Dr Rozis’ has years of experience as a surgical registrar means. This means we have great array of GP appropriate surgical-skills amongst the doctors!

The treatment room is beautiful and modern with operating lights, electrical beds and all the latest medical equipment including:

  • Zeiss operating hands-free ear microscope
  • Eye Microscope
  • Surgical cautery machine
  • Audiometry
  • Advanced ECG and spirometry machines

Our days of taking out appendixes and doing Caesarean sections under general anaesthetic are over, but we are all very comfortable doing the following procedures amongst more (usually under local anaesthetic):

  • Excising skin cysts, abscesses or boils
  • Excising Haemorrhoids or piles
  • Removing skin tags
  • Treating warts including deep plantar warts and penile or vaginal warts.
  • Epistaxis or bleeding noses with cautery or freezing with the operating microscope.
  • Removing foreign bodies from eyes
  • Suturing cuts and most importantly thoroughly exploring deeper cuts to ensure further hospital treatment is not needed
  • Cleaning deep abrasions and treating burns
  • Minor fractures
  • Skin cancer biopsies and excision
  • Advanced flap surgery and skin grafts by our more experienced skin cancer doctors

Our Nurse Jac McClafferty runs our treatment room. Her gentle manner and calm professionalism also helps procedures to be as pleasant as possible. Most of our procedures are performed under Local Anaesthetic (and for the needle anxious, we have a variety of tricks to smooth this out).