Men’s Health

Your health as a man is of vital importance to us at Highgate Hill Doctors  which is why regular check-ups are important.

All our doctors have an interest in Men’s Health but Dr Michael Naue leads our Men’s Health Team.

Men have a higher risk of many illnesses such as heart disease, prostate cancer and lung cancer.  They are less likely to talk about mental health issues than woman and they die earlier!

We enjoy focusing on preventive health here and helping men move towards good health. We do feel it if a man walks in for his first visit to a doctor for ten years with already established diabetes that clearly has been there for years. We would have loved to have gotten in earlier and helped that patient move away from risks that might have led to the development of diabetes.

So whether it is your general health and well being, how you are feeling about things or specific issues about how your men’s bits are working, all out team here will make you feel comfortable and relaxed talking about these things.

Remember most men (and woman) qualify for the 45-49 year old check up that the government pays for and is a great opportunity to get things going in relation to preventative health. The 45-49 Year Old Health Assessment takes about an hour and you will need to call and book via our nurse who arranges blood tests etc.