Here at Highgate Hill Doctors we love treating difficult earwax and external ear infections, such as Swimmers Ear and Otitis externa. These are optimally and safely treated under direct visualization with a Zeiss Ear Microscope combined with low-pressure suction.

Dr Ian Mannion and Dr David Carroll each have over 20 years’ experience in dealing with difficult ear problems. The Zeiss ear microscope allows our doctors to have clear vision of the eardrum and canal so that the ear can be safely and thoroughly treated. They lead the team and ensure all the doctors here are safe in the use of this sophisticated equipment. Dr Ellen Rozis has had previous experience as an ENT registrar and is highly proficient in ear cleaning and is a great addition to our ear cleaning team.

Wax build up can impair ear function and hearing if impacted or excessive. For wax removal, use Waxsol or EarClear a few nights prior to your appointment to help loosen wax. Do not use Waxsol or EarClear if there is any pain present, if you suspect a hole in your drum or if you have had surgery for your ear. Please call the clinic regarding this if you are unsure.

No referral is required, though we do welcome other GPs or audiologists to refer their patients to our clinic. Patients referred by a GP will be sent back to the original practice with a management plan once the ear is settled. There is no out of pocket expense for ear work for pensioner who have a Medicare card.