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Here at Highgate Hill Doctors, difficult ear wax and external ear infections, such as Swimmers Ear and Otitis externa, are optimally treated under direct visualization with an ear microscope combined with low pressure suction.Dr Ian Mannion and Dr David Carroll each have over 20 years’ experience in dealing with difficult ear problems. The ear microscope allows them to have a clear visual of the ear drum and canal so that the ear can be safely and thoroughly treated.

Wax build up can impair ear function and hearing. For wax removal use Waxsol or EarClear a few nights prior to your appointment to help loosen wax. Do not use Waxol or EarClear if there is any pain present, you suspect a hole in your drum or you have had surgery to the ear. Please call the centre regarding this if you are unsure.

No referral is required though we do welcome GPs or audiologists referring their patients in.